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[29 Jan 2018|02:20pm]

To the parent who chose addiction.

When I was younger I resented you, I hated every ounce of you, and I used to question why God would give me a parent like you. Not now. Now I see the beauty and the blessings behind having an addict for a parent. If you're reading this, it isn't meant to hurt you, but rather to thank you.

Thank you for choosing you over me.

Throughout my life, you have always chosen the addiction over my needs, my childhood desires, or even a simple promise to take me to the publivlc library after school. You brush it off now or act as if im a drama queen, exageraring past events, and questioning me, "Well, how long shouod i feel guilty, then?" As if they were one time occurances... but I thank you for this. I thank you because I gained a relationship with God. The amount of time I spent praying for you strengthened our relationship in ways I could never explain.

Thank you for giving me a stronger bond with our family.

The amount of hurt and disappointment our family has gone through has brought us closer together. I had a relationship with The boys and Grams that would never be as strong as it is today if you had been in the picture soberly. That in itself is a blessing.

Thank you for showing me how to love.

From your absence, I have learned how to love myself unconditionally. I want you to know that even though you weren't there, I love you most of all. No matter the amount of heartbreak, tears, and pain I've felt, you will always be my greatest love.

Thank you for making me strong.

Thank you for leaving and for showing me i can be independent. From you, I have learned that I do not need anyone else to prove to me that I am worthy of being loved. From you, I have learned that life is always hard, but you shouldn't give into the things that make you feel good for a short while, but should search for the real happiness in life.

Most of all, thank you for showing me how to turn my hurt into motivation.

I have learned that the cycle of addiction is not something that will continue into my life. You have hurt me more than anyone, but through that hurt, I have pushed myself to become the best version of myself.

Thank you for choosing the addiction over me because you've made me stronger, wiser, and more loving than I ever could've been without the daily hardship and devestation. When your heart is broken so earlt in life, you learn how to piece it together stronger than it was before.

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KATE SPADE PURSE $150 OBO [13 Dec 2009|05:11pm]

brand new never been used!! $$$cheap$$$Collapse )

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Nanette Lepore Cocktail Dress! $100 [13 Dec 2009|04:41pm]

Sexy black Nanette Lepore cocktail dress! Perfect for holiday parties, black tie events, etc!
Size Six
Worn once
excellent condition..dare I say perfect?!
retails for over $300
Asking $100 but will consider any REASONABLE offers.
Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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[19 Jun 2008|08:57pm]

Still looking to get rid of a few replica items (and more) at my journal to help add to my "fix my poor dead jeep" fund. And now I'm trying to pay my fees so I can participate in Miss GA USA in November on top of fixing my car. Help a potential next Miss USA!!!


Replicas include:
CoachCollapse )

GucciCollapse )

Plus tons of other cute name brand items! Name your own price! Seriously, I'm desperate and willing to negotiate BIG TIME!

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[13 May 2008|03:29pm]

Oh wow, apparently my intro was the last post in here, so quiet!

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that Perrier is giving away a pair of Prada sunglasses at the moment on SocialVibe. I think the drawing is in like 10 days, so get over there quick if you want a chance to win!

If you don't know about SocialVibe yet, it's a website that allows you to use brands to raise money for charity, example: Perrier pays SV some $$ from their advertizing budget, people like you and me sign up for SV and pick Perrier from the list of brands (tons to choose from) and put their banner, like the one below, on our myspace/facebook/LJ profile etc., while also picking a charity we'd like to support (again, tons to pick from). For every hit we get on our pages, SV donates to the charity you picked, so that all Perrier's money is divided between the charities the people who picked it as a sponsor chose to support.
The prizes come in because some brands are offering "perks" as incentive to get you to pick them. For every X number of days you have their banner on your page (in the case of the prada sunglasses it's 1 day, but often it's 3 or 5) you get 1 entry into a prize draw for the perk on offer.

Sign Up now!

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Hi all! <3 [04 Mar 2008|02:12pm]

Name: Clare
Age: 25
Location: TX
What do you like to do on the weekends: I'm in grad school and work full time, so mostly I have to do homework on the weekends, but I LIKE to take trips, shop, go out with friends...the usual stuff pretty much.

Designer: seven jeans, christian louboutain, marc jacobs, michael kors.
Shoes: christian louboutain, steve madden.
Make-up: MAC
Celebrity: Patrick Dempsey, Nicole Ritchie, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston.

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just joining =] [20 Feb 2008|03:27pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Fill this out so we can get to know you.

Name: Abby
Age: 19
Location: PA
What do you like to do on the weekends: well i work, spend time with my friends & boyfriend, shop, go to the movies, normal girl stuff =]

Designer: coach, fox, dooney & burke, chanel, abercrombie, ae, hollisterco (not sure if they're technically designers but whatev =p)
Shoes: steve madden, uggs, ballet flats, clogs.
Make-up: covergirl, jane, mark, clinique.
Celebrity: paris hilton, miriah carey, will ferrel, randy orton, lil wayne.

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[12 Feb 2008|08:38pm]


Dior Lovely Small Hobo

Dooney & Bourke Mini Tassle Tote in Dusty Pink

Coach Signature Slim Duffle in Black

Coach Mini Sig Blue Soho Wallet

Coach Mini Sig Blue Soho Tote

Coach Water Buffalo Card Case

Coach Eggplant Mini Skinny

Dooney and Bourke IT Flap Wristlet and Cell Case

Coach Mini Sig Wristlet in Black/White

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brand new never been used!! $$$cheap$$$Collapse )

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[27 Aug 2007|11:30am]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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selling my louis vuitton speedy 25 [27 Aug 2007|11:24am]

selling my authentic vintage LV its a speedy 25, the zipper does have a rip but it can be fixed at any shoe repair store for around 20 dollars. Asking $150, or I will trade for another designer handbag, show me what you have!
Email me for more pix, or details. Lauraaarose@yahoo.com




idunno why its not letting me upload photos, gawd. anyways.

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3 days left [25 Aug 2007|04:43pm]

Green Zebra wristlet 160149907942
Pink Zebra wristlet 160149908982
Green Optic wristlet 160149910958
Purple Suede wristlet 160149912426
Houndstooth bag 160149905175
Houndstooth wristlet 160149906567

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HI=) [31 Jul 2007|06:36pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Name: Andrea
What do you like to do on the weekends:Shop..play with my daughter..love on my man..& have a cocktail or 2 ;)

Favorite(s):Sushi, Fashion Makeup

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[28 Jul 2007|04:44pm]

Name: Anna
Age: 19
Location: London
What do you like to do on the weekends: travel, decor my house, get in a car and go 180 km/hour on the highway

Favorite(s): bags, shoes, belts, hats, pillows, paintings, photography
Designer: Gucci, Dior, Versace
Shoes: Christian Lacroix, Gucci
Make-up: Dior and Dior ONLY
Celebrity: I don't worship them. Let them worship me :)

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[15 Nov 2006|11:26pm]

Name: Anna
Age: 21
Location: Sweden, Lund
What do you like to do on the weekends: Hang out with friends, party, relax, watch tv..

Designer: uum.. i dont know..chanel? or louis vuitton
Shoes: manolo blahnik (which i had enough money to actually get a pair of those..
Make-up: clinique or YSL
Celebrity: Nicole Richie.. i dont actually like her, but i love her new style..

Check out my blog about designer bags and stuff: http://bagsshoesandeverythinginbetween.blogspot.com/

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[22 Apr 2006|03:30pm]

Name: Ashley
Age: 14
Location: Boston
What do you like to do on the weekends: hang with my friends & shop

Designer: Anna Sui
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Make-up: MAC & Nars
Celebrity: Gemma Ward

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First Post [17 Feb 2006|12:36am]

Read more...Collapse )

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[29 Nov 2005|07:08pm]
Join couture_shop. You know you want to.

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[30 Sep 2005|11:38am]

[ mood | amused ]

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[11 Sep 2005|09:55pm]

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